Sunday, February 26, 2006


I think Musolin or Anne Mugisha under cover, you written quite alot, one day you'll die and no one will remember that you ever existed on the plannet earth. The man you have smeared with dirt (Museveni) has made history, his name will always be remembered on the history pages as along as the earth lives.

Actually when you write all these dirt about him, you are marketing him the more. Bazungu (The white) come here in Uganda to check your stories and find instead very different things. I somehow believe you are actually Anne Mugisha under cover that you are Smart Musolin.

When Museveni came to Makerere I saw a cloud too big to imagine, you have reported they were just 100. Stop open day lies.

You should stop defaming people based on what others write, you ask people to contribute to your stories, which stories you don't validate yourself before you publish them. You actually writting out of hatred, this kind of hatred can eaven murder someone if you get a chance. If you and Museveni are sitted together and you are armed and Museveni is not I believe you could just finish him off.

You are talking of vote rigging in the West, how comes you believe there was rigging in the West. You people in FDC told us that you had the people who rigged for Museveni on your side and that he couldn't steall your votes any more. You even instructed your supporters not to leave the polling stations and to keep a close watch at your votes, when then did the thieves sneak through.

How on earth could the thieves even steal votes in Rukingiri the expected stronghold of Kiiza Besigye. People start to think again. You should honourably accept defeat, and if it wasn't that you confused Mengo and Museveni refused to award Mengo what they wanted, Museveni would have had a landslide 80% victory. But even with a strong Mengo support on your side, this man (Museveni) won you in Buganda.

You had unlimited coverage on CBS to which many Baganda are hooked and accept whatever comes from the mouthpiece of the Buganda Kingdom, but even this couldn't give you an hedge over Museveni in Luwero, Masaka (I am from Masaka and Masaka people are very loyal to the Buganda Kingdom), Kayunga all these places and in Buganda in general you lost.

Have you known and evidence is there that a polling officer in Mbarara was found with votes already marked in favour of FDC? have you heard that police has recoverered man made bombs from FDC? Stop lieing the world.

First of all its you FDC that started the violence when your supporters looted Kampala shops following the arrest of Kiiza Besigye and you people never came out to condemn and disassociate yourselves from this barbalic act. Two days to election a boda boda was knocked in Kawempe by a truck, no one knew who this boda boda supported, your FDC people came and burnt to ashes the truck, was this fair and you up to now never condemned this act.

It's a great relief to everyone that you didn't go through even to those who voted for you. EVen though people gave you some good votes but not too good enough to win, everyone had fear of your supporters. We know beyond doubt that your supporters had planned to loot Shops and destroy lives of NRM supporters. Thanks to God that He heard us.
As long as I live and my God lives, unless you the negative forces in FDC repent of the lies and evil schemes you are sowing right now on Radio katwe and else where, you will never rule in Uganda and by 2011 your party will be no more, mark my words Anne. People repent and respect leadership that people have chosen, don't speak ill of our leaders, advise and correct them where they are wrong in the right way but not by mudslugging.

I strongly believe Magala wouldn't have shot your 3 supporters had they not have attacked him with stones or provoked him.
Anyway I thank God that life is back to normal, God has heard our prayers.

Pastor Kayanja whom you people (you Anne and Salaam Musumba attacked) profesized 60% win for Museveni and EC declared 59.2% but if you addd up the 2 districts left out it coomes to 60%.

Pastor Fabrizinho Dominguez of Brasilia in Brazil predicted in 1980 that the three East African states of Uganda,Kenya and Tanzania will in the yr 2000 have their leaders whose names will start with M,M and M respectively.In 2000 the leaders were Museveni, Moi and Mkapa. He said that 7 yrs later, the names of the leaders will start with K, K and K. Right now, the Presidents are Kibaki (Kenya) and Kikwete(Tanzania). Uganda is about to elect a President, and certainly they have voted a 'K' i.e. Kaguta Museveni. Our question is answered of who then will be Ugandas president. I am really glad to give you some ANSWERS.